How can you do team-building activities with a corporate limo in Toronto?

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Almost 75% of working professionals see teamwork and collaboration as an important part of their working lives. By indulging in team-building activities, you can improve your team’s cooperation considerably. You just need to break free from the ordinary options. Choose activities which give a joyful and stress-free experience to your team.

Booking a corporate limo in Toronto to visit different locations is a great option. It will be a unique way to do team-building activities, creating genuine connections.

In our blog, you’ll learn about the team-building activities you can opt for, along with the step-by-step way to build the travel itinerary. So, let’s begin.

Choose the appropriate team-building activities in Toronto

Toronto is the biggest metropolis in Canada and is a giant corporate engine of North America. That’s why there is no dearth of options when it comes to choosing among the available team-building activities in Toronto. Here are some options to consider:-

1. Escape room

How will your team’s experience be when they get to solve puzzles and crack codes in an escape room? Believe us, it will be an intellectually stimulating and stress-relieving experience. With corporate limo services, you can get the whole team transported to the escape room’s location. 

2. Tech-free minimalism

Nowadays, it’s crucial to practice digital detox and minimalism by disconnecting from screens for at least a day every month. Consider this option to maintain the productivity of the team. This will also negate the possibility of burnout of the team members to a great degree. 

3. Mindfulness retreat

Meditation and mindfulness are a sure-shot way to find inner peace in this busy corporate world. Go for a mindfulness retreat with the team in a corporate limo. The comfort of the limo and the serenity of the retreat will provide a delightful experience for them. The guided meditations, along with the magic of Zen mindfulness, will be the best option for your team members’ mental health as well. 

4. Outdoor adventures

Who doesn’t love outdoor adventures? We bet, most of your employees would be a fan of them. A great option is to partake in Canadian outdoor adventures like winter sports, hiking, birding and skating. Your team members will love it, and these activities will be an effective stress-buster for them. Book a corporate limo to take the team with you to the specific locales for these outdoor adventures. 

5. Artistic ventures

Your team members must have avenues to express their creativity for overall growth. Join them for artistic team-building activities like a painting class or a sculpture workshop. Furthermore, take your team to an arts & crafts facility where they can explore the options as per their preferences.

6. Culinary pursuit

Toronto is known for its robust and delicious culinary scene. Team building can be best done by visiting the best restaurants in Toronto and having a meal with your team members. Other options can be to book an outdoor facility for the meal or have a barbecue. There are plenty of options to have a team lunch or dinner in Toronto. Choose the one which can provide the finest experience. Booking a corporate limo in Toronto to reach the chosen restaurant with your team can elevate the whole culinary experience further. 

7. Scavenger hunt

Do you remember the immense fun scavenger hunts brought in your childhood? These hunts can be the team-building activity your team might need right now. Imagine your team racing against time, solving clues, and finding the prizes. This will unleash every one of your team member’s inner child. The excitement of finding hidden prizes and the need to work towards a common goal can foster team cohesion as well.

Making the team-building itinerary

If you decide to go for multiple activities in one day, a thoroughly planned itinerary is essential. You can plan it in the following way:-

1. List your objectives

First of all, you need to list your objectives for team-building. Some of those objectives can be better communication, trust-building, and motivating your team. 

2. Ask your team members

Your team might have different ideas regarding the team-building activities. Consider those ideas for the maximum benefit of the team members. 

3. Contact the corporate limo service providers

To book the corporate limo for the team building event, contact the limo providers. Know their fleet size and service levels. Choose the one which is the best among them for the finest experience.

Tip: Check the reputation of the corporate companies to make the final decision. 

4. Discuss your plan with the representative

Schedule a call with the limo company representative. Discuss requirements, event needs and activities. Seek advice for improved team efficiency. Inquire about corporate limo availability in Toronto on the event day.

5. Make the final itinerary

For finalizing the itinerary, ensure it aligns with team preferences and logistical feasibility. Communicate any changes promptly to the corporate limo services company. Share the final schedule with the team and ignite their curiosity with hints about the bonding moments awaiting them.

Wrapping Up

Ditch the predictable team-building routine by opting for a corporate limo in Toronto. It’s the best way to make your team laugh, collaborate, and explore together. Create your event plan by following our step-by-step approach. So, start planning soon because your team might need those activities to rejuvenate themselves.

Last but not least, while planning, choose the corporate limo services that allow you to carry out all the activities you have planned. Remember to clear all the terms and conditions before making the final deal. Some companies, such as Lux Plus Limo, might surprise you with their amenities and flexibility.