The Ultimate Guide to booking the best Toronto Airport Limo Service

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Are you looking to book an airport limo in Toronto? If yes, then let us tell you that there are plenty of Toronto airport limo service that are available in the city. But, choosing the best amongst them becomes a hassle because of the variety of choices available. However, we will help you streamline this difficult process so that you can have the most. 

Read the guide below to book the best limo. 

Reasons to choose a Toronto Airport limo

  • A luxurious option: An airport limo is an ultra-luxurious option that offers great functionality along with a lot of amenities. You will get a lot of comfort by traveling in the airport limo because of its cushiony seats and smooth ride.
  • Reach the airport on time: You will be able to reach the airport before the designated time by choosing a corporate limo service. The reason behind it is the chauffeur of the limo drives only on traffic-free roads in the city.  
  • A peaceful traveling experience: One of the most defining reasons for traveling in an airport limo is to get a calm, stress-free, and peaceful travel. 

The driver of the limo will take care of the parking, traffic on the roads, and even the logistics as well. You will be left only with one option, and that is to have a pleasant travel experience in the limo. 

Research and choose the best!

  • Do research: You should research the service providers to choose the finest among them. The easiest option to search for them is by going online. 

Search for airport limo services on Google and social media platforms. Have a look at their websites and social media pages to gauge whether they are up to the mark or not. 

  • Look at their ratings and reviews: One of the most important things to do is to look at the ratings that you have researched. Their average rating should be good, if not great. 

Alongside this, check out the reviews of their past clients. By reading the reviews and testimonials, you will get to know the level of service, professionalism, and dependability that they have. 

  • Choose Lux Plus Limo: After researching and making your assessment, now it’s time to choose the best company that is present in Toronto, which provides the finest airport limo services. We are confident that you will choose only our limo service for your airport travel. It’s because not only are we the best in Toronto, but we are highly rated as well.

Have a look at our limo fleet.

  • Check out our website for the limo fleet: You can know about our whole limo fleet by checking out the “fleet” section of Lux Plus Limo company’s website. A lot of limo options consisting of sedans, SUVs, stretch limos, and party buses will show up on your screen. Read out about the number of passengers that they can carry along with looking at them. 
  • Consider all the options: A wise decision will be to consider all our airport limo options.  You should consider it based on whether you are traveling solo or with your colleagues, friends, or family. 

Some of the limo options that you can consider based on their passenger carrying capacity are as follows:-

  • Tesla Y Performance(3 passengers)
  • Bentley Continental Flying Spur(3 passengers)
  • Rolls Royce Phantom(3 passengers)
  • Bentley Classic(3 passengers)
  • Lincoln Stretch Limo(10 passengers)
  • Lincoln MKT(10 passengers)
  • Lincoln Navigator(14 passengers)
  • Ford Expedition(14 passengers)
  • Hummer Limo(18 passengers)
  • Cadillac Escalade(18 passengers)
  • Chevy Suburban(6 passengers)
  • Cadillac Escalade SUV(6 passengers)
  • Mercedes Sprinter(14 passengers)
  • Party Bus(25-50 passengers)
  • Look at our airport limo’s amenities: It’s critical to look at the amenities of the airport limo as well if you want to have a comfortable journey while enjoying the facilities provided by our limo service. You can call our representatives to ask for the amenities. 

Here are some of the amenities that we provide:-

  • Cushiony Seating
  • Flat Screen TVs 
  • DVD Players
  • Bluetooth
  • Bar with Built-in ice holder
  • CD Player
  • Spectacular Interior

Choose the best Toronto airport limo service.

  • Have a call to know more about our services and prices: You should call us to know more about our services. Moreover, you can ask about our pricing structure on that call as well. 
  • Do a comparative analysis of our limo plans: After having a detailed conversation with the representative of our airport limo service, now it’s time to think through it. 

You should compare the limo plans of our different limos and consider your requirements along with the facilities that we provide in each plan. 

  • Choose the best limo service among them: The last part of this process is to select the best airport limo service from the limo options that we have provided to you. That choice must be based on your budget along with the amenities that you need. 

If you are looking to go to the airport with your business team, then you should opt for our corporate limo service. 

Contact us to book our services

You can book our airport limo by going to the “contact us” page on our website. There, you can fill in your details, and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

You can book our limo by either calling or emailing us, and you can find them on our contact page. 


Booking the best airport limo service in Toronto will become an easy-peasy task if you follow the above guide. With the help of our limo, traveling to and from the airport will become a relaxing, surreal, and memorable experience. 

If you want to book the finest airport limo in Toronto, then you must contact Lux Plus Limo today. We will provide you with the best limo, and that too at the most affordable rates. Call us now!